6400 Series Stained Glass Church Window Frame* *for Stained Glass and Insulated Protection Glass

Hurricane/Impact Code Approved FL# 14163

The 6400 Series is a heavy triple glazed Church Window incorporated into a 3 1/2” thermally broken frame. This Church Windows is made for insulated protection glass and Stained Glass. It is Hurricane/Impact approved and is available with hurricane glazing. The thermal break is achieved with the use of Thermal Strip technology. Two different aluminum extrusions can be finished independent of each other and then joined with polyamide nylon strips. The result is a stronger thermally improved window with the possibility of different finishes interior and exterior. This combination, along with triple contact weather-stripping in the ventilator, provides maximum condensation resistance and superior insulation making it the ideal choice for church windows when heating, condensation, noise and protection of stained glass are factors.


Dot.gif (868 bytes) Main frame and sash members are a full 3 1/2″ deep. Ventilators, frame, muntins and meeting rails are double tubular and will meet or exceed AAMA P-HC70 F-AW80 monumental performance specifications. Hurricane/Impact Design Pressure-DP65
Dot.gif (868 bytes) Triple glazed thermal barrier design that can accommodate 1″ protective insulated glass with another 5/8″ airspace between the art glass insulates the cold outside temperatures from the warmer inside temperature and helps prevent condensation and noise infiltration.
Dot.gif (868 bytes) Venting is available to help eliminate condensation between the stained glass and the insulated protective glass. Vent holes are screened and hooded to prevent insect, dust and water infiltration.
Dot.gif (868 bytes) The thermal strip is a specially formulated and constructed extrusion of glass fiber reinforced 6/6 polyamide nylon. Besides being thermally efficient, these high strength strips have the same coefficient of expansion as aluminum so that the structural integrity of the window is intact.
Dot.gif (868 bytes) The separation of art and protective glass is achieved by a channel that is an integral part of the extrusion. (Not an add on piece.) This channel acts as a condensation gutter and helps prevent air and water infiltration.
Dot.gif (868 bytes) Ventilators have 3 rows of continuous weather-stripping.
Dot.gif (868 bytes) Windows can also accommodate interior faceted glass and an exterior protective glass.
Dot.gif (868 bytes) Special Feature: Large sections of insulated glass can be installed on the exterior and for the art glass special narrow siteline muntins can be placed in the interior of the frame in virtually any shape or size to suit the design and help keep costs down. (These interior muntins can also be installed at a later date to fit the design.)

Weeping and Venting

Weeping the exterior insulated glass to prevent glass failure.

The greatest cause of insulated glass failure is the seal around the glass breaking down.  That is usually caused by water coming in direct contact with the seal.  Water is the enemy of the seal and the seal will deteriorate without proper weepage.  Insulated glass manufacturers will not warranty their glass if water is not weeped away from the glass.  The 6400 Series church window features an isolated water pocket away from the glass to prevent the insulated glass from sitting in water.  The system allows positive weepage away from the glass to the exterior.

Venting to reduce condensation and heat buildup.

Condensation and heat buildup between the protective glass and the stained glass can  deteriorate the stained glass.  There are many ways to combat condensation and heat buildup in a church window.  The 6400 Series church window with insulated glass and its thermal break frame will be adequate in most cases.  Due to variables such as location, altitude, climate, humidity and orientation to the sun some conditions will require additional measures.  For more extreme conditions J. Sussman recommends the following options:

  • We recommend using SUS-FILLER tape to glaze the interior stained glass.  SUS-FILLER is a single sided self adhesive open cell foam tape.  It is used instead of caulking or glazing tape and allows the air space between the glasses to breathe yet will filter out dust, dirt and insects.  The glass is dry set which makes for a simple, fast, clean and economical installation.
  • Using high performance glass such as glass with a low-emittance (low-E) coating (on the #2 surface) is an excellent way to reduce heat buildup between the glasses and condensation.  Low-E glass coatings reduce solar heat gain while retaining high visible transmittance.  Air conditioning and heating costs will be further reduced by using high performance protective glass.
  • Venting within the window can be achieved by strategically placing special ventilation slots in the frame and glazing beads.  Slots at the top and bottom allow air to circulate by natural convection.  This cools off the airspace and helps eliminate condensation.  The tubular profiles in the 6400 church window prevent dirt and dust around the perimeter from infiltrating the air space.

Downloads: #6400 PDF | #6400 CAD DWG | BIM | SPECS